What is Young Life?

Young Life is a vision and a tool
   The vision:
     High school is a time in young people's lives where they are being pointed in dozens of different directions, many of them harmful to themselves and to those around them.  Young Life aims to be a voice of truth in kids lives pointing them in the direction toward Jesus Christ where they can, "Cast all their anxiety on Jesus Christ, because he cares for them." -I Peter 5:7.
     Young Life leaders are dedicated to casting vision for high school kids to see their friends, parents, teachers, their school and themselves in a new way. We aim to change the way kids treat their friends.  Maybe next time a new student comes to school he won't sit alone at lunch.  We aim to change the way kids treat their parents. Maybe communication replaces arguing.  We aim to change the way kids treat their teachers.  Maybe kids bear the negative label "teachers pet" by asking how their teacher is doing each day.  We aim to change the way kids view their schools.  Maybe instead of random faces in the halls they see future parents, husbands, wives, leaders and WONDERFULLY MADE individuals in Christ.  And finally we aim to change the way kids see themselves.  In the depths of kids hearts we hope to replace darkness with light, bitterness with forgiveness, sadness with joy, fear with security, bondage with freedom, silence with singing.  How do we plan on doing this?  That's the easy part, show them what Jesus Christ thinks of them.
The tools:  Relationships, Club, Campaigners, Camp
Young Life is a "relational ministry," meaning we seek to develop deep and growing friendships with high schoolers.  Young Life leaders (college age or older) will show up to the school, games, plays or wherever kids are in order to support them and grow friendships with kids.  Jesus never said, come to my meetings.  He went to people who were hurting and in need.  We aim to do the same as Christ in this by going to where kids are and being with them in the hallways of their school, bleachers of the stadium, auditorium of the plays.  This is where kids are and unfortunately where kids are hurt and hurt others.  So that's where we want to be to speak truth, encourage, share the love of Jesus Christ and invite kids who aren't involved with any church.
Club is once a week and is a place where any high schooler can come to play games, sing songs, laugh and have an incredible time.  At the end of club a leader will get up and give a talk about Jesus Christ. 
Campaigners is also once a week and is a more in-depth look at what a relationship with Jesus Christ looks like and how we can live that out in our lives.
Camp is gauranteed the best week of kids lives.  This is not an empty promise.  Young Life owns 25 camps across the county, all of which are beautiful and incredibly fun.  Each camp has slightly different features, but they have things from a giant water slide, zipline, frizbee golf course, 30 person hot tub, wakeboarding and parasailing to 450 person club room, huge dining hall and extremely nice cabins.  It is for a week in the summer and is gauranteed the best week of your life or your money back!


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